Preventing HIV Infection (PrEP)

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Reduce your risk for HIV Infection with PrEP

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is a way to prevent an infection BEFORE coming into contact with a virus. PrEP is used to prevent HIV, and an FDA-approved pill is available. 

Gay or bisexual men or heterosexuals who have an HIV-positive partner have a higher risk of getting HIV, and these people stand to benefit the most from PrEP.

The anti-HIV PrEP drug called Truvada® (or FTC/TDF) was approved by the FDA in 2012. Truvada can reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 90% if taken daily and condoms are used. Truvada does not prevent STDs or hepatitis B or C. Other PrEP drugs may be approved in the future.

If PrEP is right for you, contact a healthcare provider to:

  • Get tested for HIV, hepatitis B, and all other STDs
  • Make sure your kidneys are healthy
  • Discuss your sexual health and condom use

While taking PrEP, be sure to see your healthcare provider every 3 months to ensure you remain free of HIV and other STDs and have not suffered any kidney damage.

FamilyCare of Kent will help you get started with PrEP. The state of Washington has a program called PrEP-DAP that covers the cost of Truvada. It does not cover the cost of lab tests or office visits. Read more about PrEP and print out a PrEP-DAP application.

Request an appointment now or call us at (253) 859-CARE (2273).

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